Learn how you can volunteer at Lily House


You Can Become a Volunteer at Lily House

Volunteers play an integral role working across all levels of Lily House. If you have a heart to work with these young women, then chances are you have something you can contribute.

Here’s a list of some of the skills volunteers bring to Lily House…

* Spending time: hanging out with the girls, sharing coffee, stories and wisdom.

* Teaching skills: such as post natal support, cooking, sewing and parenting.

* Transport: taking girls to appointments, events, etc.

* Sleeping Over: staying at Lily House overnight, minding babies while mothers sleep.

* Promotion: including applications for funding, corporate sponsorship and fund raising.

* Events: helping to coordinate events.

* Maintenance: including lawn mowing, odd jobs and repairs.

* Whatever is required….


We need you !!!