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Lily House is a highly regarded and much-loved organisation. We work across the Sunshine Coast in partnership with a range of community organisations, both government and not-for-profit.
We contribute to the formation of a safety net for vulnerable and at-risk young women and their children. Our key partnerships are with organisations such as Integrated Youth and Family Services (IFYS), Department of Child Safety (DoCS), Re-Focus and the Salvation Army to provide a joined-up network across the region.
The Lily House service model is unique amongst providers as it is far more than a women’s shelter or accommodation provider.
The aim is to provide a home environment where women and children feel safe and nurtured and are provided with a wraparound support to heal and grow. Residents are impacted positively by the culture of the house and the values under which it operates with many women becoming part of the sisterhood of the extended Lily House family.

The service model uses the analogy of the NEST
a place where:

The service model uses the analogy of the NEST
a place where:


Needs are met and people are nurtured physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Education, learning and Equipping for life is encouraged and supported.


Support is given in a wrap-around context to aide healing and growth.


Transition back into the community is facilitated.

Our Mission Statement

To provide women in crisis with a loving, safe environment, where they receive support and training in valuable life skills, to empower them to be great mothers, who provide their children with strong stable foundations so they can flourish.
Our Vision

To support and encourage women so they can fulfill their potential of being great mothers who love, cherish, protect, and care for their children in a safe environment enabling them to develop into emotionally healthy and productive adults.

Our Mission

To provide women in crisis with a loving, safe home environment where they can receive support, and training in valuable life skills to empower them in their endeavour to be great mothers who provide their children with strong, stable foundations so they can flourish and live fulfilling lives.

Our Values

Our values are based on Christian principles. We believe in the value of human life and encourage the reunification of families. Therefore, we strive to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of mothers, so they in turn can provide nurture, love and care for their children.

The Lily House Team

We capitalise on the expertise of our volunteers to provide programmes including nutrition, cooking, budgeting, parenting, and craft. We encourage gratitude and self-reliance and residents, as they progress in their healing, are encouraged to give back through volunteering with other community organisations. This provides a sense of responsibility, confidence, and purpose. Understanding not only one’s rights, but also one’s responsibilities is vital to long term integration into the wider community.

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