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Welcome to Lily House

Lily House is based on Christian values and uses a strength-based approach, which aims to bring wholeness to women from all walks of life. The in-house program is holistic, person centred and focuses on mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical health. We offer women the chance to improve their life and the lives of their children.

Here To Help

Lily House was opened over a decade ago in response to a vital need in South East Queensland to provide supported accommodation for women in crisis. Since opening its doors, Lily House has been able to assist young pregnant women; young mothers fleeing from domestic violence; women who have recovered from substance abuse; women seeking reunification with their children; and homeless women. Lily House provides the love and support needed to overcome hard times and to build a new bright future.

How Can We Help?

Domestic Violence

We offer supported accommodation and assistance for victims of domestic violence to help them break the cycle and rebuild their lives.


We provide accommodation, support, and reintegration for mums who have been rehabilitated from substance abuse and help them integrate back into society.


We help mothers re-establish relationships with their estranged children, helping them to rebuild their families and possibly regain custody.


We offer supported accommodation for expectant mothers of any age, helping them before and after birth in the process of establishing their family.

What We Do

A Mother and baby child on a bed.

We Want To Help

We enable pregnant women to give birth to their babies and care for their children in a loving and safe environment. We impart the basic necessary skills required to raise a child and help them establish themselves in the community. We facilitate and encourage education and the gaining of primary life skills, enabling women to transition back into the community with confidence.

Those We Support

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