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In Their Own Words...

Discover the stories of some of our Lily House girls in their own words...

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How Can You Help?

Discover ways that YOU can be involved in turning the lives of these girls around...

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Domestic Violence

We offer accommodation, support, and counseling for victims of domestic violence to help them break the cycle and rebuild their lives


We offer accommodation and support for expectant mothers of any age, helping them with the birth, postnatal and establishing their family

Post Drug Rehabilitation

We provide accommodation, support, and reintegration for girls who have suffered substance abuse, acting post-rehab to help them integrate back into society


We help mothers re-establish relationships with their estranged children, helping them to rebuild their families

Caring for Women in Need...

Lily House is there to provide the love and support needed to overcome hard times and rebuild their lives and families

How You Can Help Women in Need

Here are some of the ways you can help those women who want to turn their lives around...
Financial Giving Help us financially. Lily House is an unfunded not-for-profit organisation
  • All Donations over $2 Tax Deductable
Volunteering Help us running Lily House. Volunteers are a valued part of caring for the girls
  • We help train, equip and advise you
Other Giving Help us help them. Our girls need many things to grow, from toiletries to furniture
  • Special gifts to help Lily House help them
Some of Our Generous Sponsors
  • Eyecu
  • SCC
  • CSI
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