Residence Eligibility

Lily House assists women and their young child in a range of crisis situations. These include:

How Can We Help?

Domestic Violence

We offer supported accommodation and assistance for victims of domestic violence to help them break the cycle and rebuild their lives.

Post Drug Rehabilitation Support

We provide accommodation, support, and reintegration for mums who have been rehabilitated from substance abuse and help them integrate back into society.


We help mothers re-establish relationships with their estranged children, helping them to rebuild their families and possibly regain custody.


We offer supported accommodation for expectant mothers of any age, helping them before and after birth in the process of establishing their family.

We're Ready To Help

Lily House does not offer in house counselling; however, we broker these services from professionals. Staff and volunteers are on the premises during normal business hours. We do not have a live-in house manager; therefore, we cannot cater for those who have drug or alcohol addictions but refer them to agencies more equipped to help.

Lily House caters for a mother and her child up to the age of three. Other children, who may be in care, are permitted to stay for visits depending on available space and capacity. We also have short-term emergency respite care for a woman and her children in a small self-contained accommodation.

Women who wish to enter Lily House will be made aware of a range of guidelines, boundaries, and expectations. These are in place to provide a safe and loving home for all residents. The guidelines are designed to encourage women to care for themselves and their children and be thoughtful of others. At Lily House we are family and we care about for one another.

Those We Support

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Our Mission Statement

To provide women in crisis with a loving, safe environment, where they receive support and training in valuable life skills, to empower them to be great mothers, who provide their children with strong stable foundations so they can flourish.
Our Vision

To support and encourage women so they can fulfill their potential of being great mothers who love, cherish, protect, and care for their children in a safe environment enabling them to develop into emotionally healthy and productive adults.

Our Mission

To provide women in crisis with a loving, safe home environment where they can receive support, and training in valuable life skills to empower them in their endeavour to be great mothers who provide their children with strong, stable foundations so they can flourish and live fulfilling lives.

Our Values

Our values are based on Christian principles. We believe in the value of human life and encourage the reunification of families. Therefore, we strive to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of mothers, so they in turn can provide nurture, love and care for their children.

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