Quarterly Newsletter

December 2020

A Christmas Message

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Christ. Jesus is the greatest gift giver… he came to give his life for us because he loves us! Giving is about love. Love gives and expects nothing in return.
A gift is not a payment for a service, a gift has no strings attached. When a gift is given it belongs to the person who receives it. A gift maybe left unwrapped, discarded because the receiver sees no value in it, or it may be received with delight and is treasured and appreciated.
This year at Lily House we have treasured and appreciated so many gifts. They have included teddy bears, toys, hand sewn treasures, women’s welcome packs, nappies, gift cards and vouchers, Christmas presents, grants, and finance. This generosity keeps the doors of Lily House open and welcoming.
We are thankful to so many of you who have given your time, energy, friendship, and finances to help us. We pray in the year ahead you will continue to partner with us, so together we can help young women, who need a little respite and care so they can get on their feet and continue their journey leaving Lily House stronger and more equipped for life.
May God richly bless you in the year ahead.

Activities & Growth

What a wonderful group of young mothers we have at Lily House. They have experienced a wide range of programs during the last six months.
These have aided in their growth as individuals and as mothers. They have enjoyed doing the Circle of Security Parenting Course; weekly team building activities at the Farm Gym; an exercise program with Tracy from Trace My Fitness; a weekly cooking and nutrition class with Jess from eb Nezer Nutrition; first aide and fire safety courses, and an in-house weekly devotional group and fortnightly gratitude group.
Some of our young women participate in the Justice Department’s SPER program and one of our mum’s has participate in a Child Care Course through STEM. Other activities have included celebrations for Nadoc week, birthdays and saying farewells, picnics, helping in the community, enjoying Christmas parties, and the receiving of gifts.
How blessed we have been to have these mum’s with us this year!

Sheree shares her experience as a SCU Student at Lily House

I was fortunate to be able to complete my USC counselling placement with Lily House in semester 2, 2020 with the support and guidance of Manager Deb, Volunteers’ Co-ordinator Sarah, and the wonderful team of volunteers.
The experience enabled me to understand what it takes to keep a non-for-profit organisation running, from administrative duties to ethical and legislative requirements, and the importance of building strong relationships with other local community and government organisations.
I was privileged to share one-on-one and group time with the ladies, both in a counselling setting, and also as a support person attending appointments, group activities and assisting with daily tasks as required.
Every young woman has her own story, and I am awed and inspired by the courage and strength that it takes to emerge from deeply traumatic pasts and thrive as parents and active members in their community. I would like to thank the staff, volunteers, and the ladies for welcoming me into their lives for the duration of my placement, and I look forward to continuing as a volunteer at Lily House into the new year and beyond.

Annual Community Event

20 March 2021
Come and join us for a family friendly morning walk along the beautiful Mooloolaba Beach.

You can order a Lily house shirt to wear for the walk, or win a prize in our best dressed categories. Enjoy a sausage sizzle, buy a raffle ticket and help raise funds and awareness to support the current and future women of Lily House.

Those We Support

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Our Mission Statement

To provide women in crisis with a loving, safe environment, where they receive support and training in valuable life skills, to empower them to be great mothers, who provide their children with strong stable foundations so they can flourish.
Our Vision

To support and encourage women so they can fulfill their potential of being great mothers who love, cherish, protect, and care for their children in a safe environment enabling them to develop into emotionally healthy and productive adults.

Our Mission

To provide women in crisis with a loving, safe home environment where they can receive support, and training in valuable life skills to empower them in their endeavour to be great mothers who provide their children with strong, stable foundations so they can flourish and live fulfilling lives.

Our Values

Our values are based on Christian principles. We believe in the value of human life and encourage the reunification of families. Therefore, we strive to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of mothers, so they in turn can provide nurture, love and care for their children.

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