Megan’s Story


This is my story

I am a 33-year-old recovering addict.
My story is one of hope, love, and trust. On September 12 I went into rehab after using drugs for 7 years. My two children had been out of my care for a little over one year. I did three months of rehab then transitioned to Lily House.
One week later my 13-year-old daughter was restored to me and joined me.
Lily house caters for a mother and her child up to the age of three. Other children, who may be in care, are permitted to stay for visits depending on available space and capacity. We also have short-term emergency respite care for a woman and her children in a small self-contained accommodation.

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After a life with no love or trust I now have a job, am about to start university, a happy 13-year-old in my care, who I have an amazing, loving relationship with and one child who I am still working on reuniting with. Lily House has supported and loved me back to life. They have also helped me back into my role as a mother and a functioning, successful, member of society.
I now have hope and trust that the future for both myself and my children will be nothing short of amazing, and when it is time to leave Lily House, I will be forever grateful for the opportunity and support they have given our family!

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